What Boiler do i need?

worcester bosch combi boiler installation

Combi Boilers

Combi Boiler installations are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons:

-A great way to save space within a property, doing away with the need for bulky hot water storage systems

-With a high output combi boiler you can achieve some great hot water flow performance with the added benifit that the hot water never runs out.....Everyone gets a shower!

-Can be installed within a small cupboard with some of the smallest like the Worcester Compact being designed to fit within a kitchen cupboard.

Heat Only Boilers

These are the Traditional boiler which are used alongside some kind of hot water storage system. 

If space is not an issue for you then a heat only boiler alongside an unvented hot water cylinder can be a good option.

System Boilers

System Boilers are similar to heat only boilers  but they have the added benefit of having additional built in components such as a pump and an expansion vessel.

How Much Will it Cost

Most New boiler replacements start from around £1500 where some of the more complex installations can cost over £4000. The best thing to do is contact us using the find out more button below for a free quotation.

Current Offers

We are currently offering a free magnetic filter with every Boiler Installation

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